Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snoopy's You Can Be Anything! Review & Giveaway + Peanuts Christmas Lunches!

Our family was recently given the opportunity to try out a new interactive book app called "Snoopy's You Can be Anything!" and several copies of the app to give away too! We love Snoopy and the Peanuts gang  I made Birdie a festive Snoopy themed muffin tin snack to enjoy after we read the book :)

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Snoopy's You Can Be Anything! 
Review & Giveaway

What a fun book & app starring our favourite loveable beagle Snoopy!

With sound effects, animation, and narration if you like, this interactive & customizeable app really brings Snoopy's inspiring message to life. In the story, Snoopy shows kids that they can be anything - a dancer, a surgeon, a grocery store clerk, a world-famous anything they can think of ... really! The professions aren't limited to what's on the page - in the app's Create Mode, kids can personalize the story, add their names, and even change Snoopy's costume! They can also save their story creations, or share them with family & friends through email, Facebook and Twitter :)

Birdie has been enjoying Snoopy's You Can Be Anything! so I'm very pleased to be able to offer 3 of my readers their own copy of the app, compliments of StoryPanda. Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below :)

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Snoopy Christmas Muffin Tin 

It's Christmastime, so Birdie's tin has both a Snoopy and a holiday theme, with both healthy stuff and treats.  She has raspberries, mozzarella, carrots & popcorn decorated with bento picks & cupcake rings, graham stars & rainbow chocolate covered sunflower seeds (I think they look like Christmas lights) & a pouch of Snoopy gummy fruit snacks.  Oh, and eggnog in a Peanuts cup!

What Peanuts fan wouldn't love a snack of popcorn topped with the world's most famous beagle's smiling mug?

Here are a few more Peanuts Christmas Lunches 
by some of my bento blogger friends:

I'm in love with Organized Bites' sweet rosemary & tomato Charlie Brown tree, and starry Peace On Earth theme.

I'm really digging Becoming a Bentoholic's salami Snoopy doghouse, and the Christmas lights & character accents make it so colourful & cute.

Lunchbox Dad's festive Peanuts themed feast is filled with delightful details.

I asked my fellow bento bloggers if they had any Peanuts lunches to share...
Good grief, there sure are a lot of Peanuts fans among my bento friends!
I'm almost sorry I asked, heh ♥ So here are even more Peanuts lunches:

Snoopy Bento by Wendolonia
You Blockhead! by Bento For Kidlet
Charlie Brown Feast by Organized Bites
Great Pumpkin Kids Lunch by Glory's Mischief
Snoopy Kids School Lunch by Glory's Mischief
Snoopy At Christmastime by What's In Our Lunch Bags?
The Peanuts Gang In A PlanetBox by Becoming a Bentoholic
It's Your Anniversary, Charlie Brown! by BentOnBetterLunches
It's the Geat Gumpkin Charlie Brown! by Dreams, Schemes & Bento Themes
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Bento by Dreams, Schemes & Bento Themes
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving by What's In Our Lunch Bags?
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving by Becoming a Bentoholic
Happy Birthday, Peanuts! by What's In Our Lunch Bags?
A Snoopy yubo Bento by BentOnBetterLunches
Charlie Brown & Lucy Bento by Eclectic Lamb
Snoopy Autumn Bento by Bento, Monsters
Snoopy On A Winter Night by Bento Days
Snoopy Bento by Little Miss Bento
Snoopy Bento by Diana Rambles
Snoopy Bento by Eclectic Lamb

Happy Holidays!


  1. What a great app. I wish more children were told that they can be anything that they want to be. In my experience while getting my elementary education degree, I encountered so many children who either weren't told that or had stopped believing it. I worked with a fourth grade girl who, very seriously, told me that she didn't care about school because she would never be important to anyone so it was easier not to try. It broke my heart--she was (is) so intelligent and if she just believed in herself (and had people supporting her and believing in her), I know she would go very far. I hope that things turn around for her. She would be in 8th grade now, I believe.
    I LOVE the muffin tin cup that holds the graham stars and rainbow chocolate covered sunflower seeds. It's so pretty. I agree that they look like Christmas lights. :)

  2. I love this, my granddaughter loves Snoopy. thank you

  3. Thanks for the mention, the sweet, sweet compliments, and the chance to win such a great app!

  4. They are all so cute!

  5. All the snoopy lunches look great!!


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