Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Lunches, Plain & Simple

Pickle is kind of over the creative sandwiches lately. He says he does like them, he just likes plain better, because he likes the crusts too. Fine with me!

My little creature of habit has had nearly the same thing every day this week: a peanut butter sandwich, yogurt, & 2 cookies. I added variety with cupcake sprinkles, colourful accessories, & Lunchbox Love notes :)

I did get a wee bit creative with this one though... after all, what better time to deck a lunch than Christmas?! I used a cookie cutter to stamp Santa on his sandwich, and the sprinkles on his yogurt are tiny candy canes!

I also decorated the top oatmeal cookie with icing & coloured sugar sprinkles. No, that's not a botched snowflake that looks like a spider web, it is a spider web, inspired by the fun fact on his Lunchbox Love note :)
●  ●  ●  ● 
Some stuff used to make these lunches:


Pickle often doesn't come home with everything he left for school with, so I've been packing his lunch in Ziploc bento boxes lately, since I'm not sad if he loses one...  like I was when he lost some of our EasyLunchboxes... *sniff*


  1. Very cute lunches! I have been meaning to ask, do the sprinkles melt in the yogurt during the day?

    1. A bit. They get soft, but they keep their shape. Which is good because then they aren't gritty :)

  2. Cute lunches! Those candy cane sprinkles are adorable.


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