Monday, December 2, 2013

Snacky Snowflake Cracker Lunch

Today Birdie has cheese & crackers, grapes & apple wedges. The sproutlets love when the snowflake Ritz crackers come out :)

This Goodbyn Small Meal box is one of my favourite containers for Birdie these days. It's a good size for the snacky kind of lunches she likes. Each side holds just over a cup of food, but we never really fill it to capacity. Two standard size muffin cups fit in each side if I want to separate her foods a little, and both halves are individually sealed if I want to separate them a lot.

The only thing I don't like is that the lid is too difficult for her to put on. It has to be lined up and snapped down very firmly - it takes effort even for me - so she needs help with that. Fortunately her preschool has aides who help with lunch. She has no trouble taking the lid off though.

Some stuff used to pack this lunch:


  1. Cute lunch! I have never seen the snowflake crackers. Nice find.

    1. Our base Commissary has them ever year, in recent years anyways.

  2. love the snowflakes shape. never seen it before :)


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