Monday, March 16, 2015

Rainy Day Monday Rainbow Bento

It's a rainy Monday, but the sun is trying to shine! I packed a little rainbow in Bella's EasyLunchbox. A grey day needs a colorful lunch :)

That rainbow condiment cup is one of my favourites :) I filled it with Chef Kidd's Honey Berry Funagrette. Her colourful lunch also contains:
  • baby carrots, one skewered in a heart shape (here's how)
  • Girl Scout cookies! Do-si-dos,  the peanut butter sandwich ones
  • celery sticks to dip in the rainbow cup
  • English cucumber slices planted with flower picks
  • Babybel cheese with a flower cut out of the wax
  • & turkey & cheddar on wheat, cut in hearts with Sweet Bytes
I also packed a sunny yellow cloth napkin from Beneficial Bento.

Some of the tools & accessories I used:


  1. I remember my school lunches to be rather loveless (hope my mom is not finding this comment one day), so I decided I'd do better with my son and his meals. For his afternoon snack I normally pack him fruits/vegetables plus either protein or carbs. His favorite low-sugar cookies are crunchy, and I fear they may be soft in the afternoon, although they do not touch the other components. Any recommendations? I don't want to wrap them in a plastic bag and putting them in an extra box makes the whole thing look less nice. Thank you!

    1. Hi Yvonne! Don't worry odds are very much against your mom readign this one day ;) I'm sure your son will have fond memories of your loving lunches even if his cookies aren't as crunchy as they ought to be, but hopefully they will be. When I am unsure about something I am packing, I do a test run at home or on an outing to the park. I suggest packing your son a bento with what you would typically pack him for snack at the time of day you would pack it, then put it in his bag as if you were going to school, tote it around a bit so it gets jostled about, then leave it alone until the time of day he would typically eat it, and see how it fared. What kind of container do you use?

    2. I normally use a plastic container with no separate containments - I know these would be better but his afternoon snacks are fairly small (morning snack and lunch is provided at kindergarten) and I could not get myself to order one of the fancier boxes (they are fairly expensive in my part of the world). I separate the components by using silicon muffin cups. I have packed the cookies in his snack box last week and he said he did not mind them being softer (maybe he even likes it better this way, the box was empty!). Doing test runs sounds like a good idea to me!


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