Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lunch for the Man, and me too!

In my one year blogiversary post, I asked you to leave comments telling me what you liked about my blog, and what you'd like to see more of, and a few readers mentioned my Lunch for the Man posts. I do make Sailor Boy a lunch most days, I just don't always photograph and blog them. One of the reasons is a lot of the time they aren't very interesting - not to me anyways :) Yesterday's was kind of cute though, I think:

Romaine salad with golden Sunburst tomatoes and checkered cucumber, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Masa chips from the June NatureBox (thank you Ludicrous Mama!) Raspberries and mozzarella chunks skewered on heart & leaf picks. And a cheeky little monkey pick, for fun :)


Another reason I don't always post Sailor Boy's lunches is that I make his lunch at night and leave it in the fridge for him (since he almost always leaves for work before I get up), so I don't often get an opportunity to photograph his lunch in natural light, and our indoor lighting is not the best for photos.   

For example, this photo was taken in the morning, with natural daylight:

This photo was taken the night before, with our poor indoor lighting:

Doesn't the top photograph look better?

Lunch was leftover pork tenderloin, an egg, NatureBox Lemon Pucker pistachios, oranges & pluots, with some white cheddar hearts scattered over the meat. Protein-heavy, but that's what he asked for.

And this one, from a couple of weeks ago, looks awful to me, so I never posted it. I think the yellow cast makes the turkey breast look very unappetizing :( 

So there you go, that's why I haven't made very many Lunch for the Man posts. That and when he goes on trips I don't get to make him a lunch :(


I hate to end the post with such an unappealing image, so here's one of my lunches from this past week. They're usually just scraps so I don't bother with pics but I took this one because it might be my first EasyLunchbox!

It's made with the scraps and extras from one of Sailor Boy's lunches. If you follow my blog via my Facebook Page you may have seen that lunch, but I'm not blogging it yet, it's for my upcoming PlanetBox review :) I often make my own lunch from the scraps of the hubby's and/or the sproutlets' lunches, but I think this is the first time I packed them in a EasyLunchboxes container! It's definitely the first time I used that cute little apple head sauce bottle (filled with soy) since I just got it from Ludicrous Mama of Biting The Hand That Feeds You, when she came for a visit last week! (See her post about that here.)

Candy Girl & Ludicrous Mama + Baby E
Shopping for all things Hello Kitty :)

Don't miss the brilliant Sproutlets Bento she made to represent my family!


  1. These lunches look super yummy! I wish I could do cute lunches for my hubby.. but I don't. especially since he threw out a pick without even realizing it! he is banned from picks now! LOL

  2. Cucumber checkerboards?! So cute!

  3. Are those NatureBox pistachios?

    I found that if I up the contrast in my Adjust Exposure option just a tad, and nudge the Color Temperature and Color Tint towards the redder end just a tad (in the Adjust Color option,) it helps with the crap light photos. I just use whatever program opens up when I double click my photo. Something in Windows, I think. Not MS Paint though.

    And thanks! I get all giddy with excitement every time I remember our visit!

    1. I think those ARE the NatureBox Lemon Pucker pistachios - I shall edit to say so :) Thanks for the photo editing tips!

  4. Checkered cucumber! Brilliant! How did I never think of that?! :D


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