Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daddy / Daughter Salad Bentos

Matching salad bento lunches for my Bella & her Daddy. English cucumber stars & grape tomatoes in Romaine & Boston lettuce:

His was packed in his new PlanetBox Launch, and also included green grapes, flower shaped kiwi slices (cut with a small cookie cutter - I ate the scraps), ham & cheese spirals, and carrot hearts in the salad. Big oops, I forgot to pack any salad dressing!

Hers was packed in her purple Laptop Lunches bento box, and also included red & green grapes on star picks, a checkered cucumber wedge, baby carrots, and "mango tango" pluot wedges. Oh, and a Chobani Champions yogurt, but I can't remember what flavour...

No worries over forgetting the dressing though, Bella likes her salad without :) And I did remember to pack sporks, they just didn't make it into the photos ;)

These lunches were packed in PlanetBox & Laptop Lunches:

Bento Lunch


  1. the stalkee8/15/2012

    That is adorable.... I am going to my moms tomorrow (fun) I want lunch when you get home .....

  2. Love it. So colorful. Love all the cutouts/ shapes!

  3. Beautiful. I love the tomato cucumber stars!

  4. I love the tomato cucumbers too! My kids will not touch tomatoes.

  5. Yummy! These are so fun and colorful :D

  6. How cute are these!? So stinkin' creative...I love it.


  7. I love the tomatoes in the cutout spaces! What a great idea. Filing that away in the "things to try" bin :)

  8. Love the cucumber stars. Very, very cute!

  9. ashley8/27/2012

    hi. do you remember where you got the star food picks? LOVE THEM.

    1. They came with this set. The photo only shows yellow stars but the set came with way more than shown, there were 50, and each shape came in all the colours.


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