Wednesday, August 8, 2012

FunBites Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered my FunBites Giveaway! Wow, what a great response that post got! Eating with chopsticks is a novel way to try something new and work on fine motor skills, and whether or not you won or bought a FunBites cutter, I hope that you and your little ones enjoy the fun lunch idea :)

The FunBites Winner, drawn from many,
Left comment number 57 of 220 !

I was thrilled to discover the winner is someone who, although I don't know her at all,  I recognize from other giveaways and comments she's left - she's a long-time follower of my blog :) Like, way back to the beginning days! In fact, she's even made something she saw on my blog and posted it on her blog, what fun! I bet she has an idea that it's her now, so without further ado... Congratulations Kylie!

Your little man is going to love the fun finger foods you make with his Cube it!

Please contact me by the end of Friday August 10th to claim your prize :)


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