Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich Day Linky Party!

August 2nd is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! 

So they say, anyways :) I couldn't find any official documentation proclaiming it as such, but Google produced plenty of unofficial evidence...  and if the internet says so, that's good enough for me!

I lo-ove the ice cream sandwiches. The last time the ice cream man came around I got a big fat Mrs. Field's chocolate chip cookie one that completely spoiled my supper in the most delicious way :)

See the picture of it in the photo? Just above the tire,  near Bella.  $3.50!  So worth it.

To observe this scrumptious day, I've got a box of the rectangular chocolate cookie & vanilla ice cream kind of ice cream sandwiches in the freezer waiting for after supper tonight. But for lunch, the sproutlets are going to be having ice cream sandwiches of a different sort, made using our FunBites Luv it!

It's easy to make ice cream cone sandwiches with the Luv it! 
  1. Press the FunBites Luv it! into a plain piece of brown bread and rock back & forth to cut through. Don't pop the pieces out though, not yet!
  2. Spread peanut butter (or your sandwich filling of choice) on a slice of white bread. I used white wheat here; white would've looked better.
  3. Press the FunBites cutter (with the bread pieces still stuck in it) into the peanut buttered bread and  rock back & forth to cut through. Now you can use the popper to pop the pieces out!
  4. Separate the heart shape into 2 half hearts. You'll see they look like ice cream cones!
  5. Flip over the half-circle top pieces so that the white bread side is facing up, to look like ice cream on a cone!
I can't take credit for this creative use of the Luv it! though...
I saw it on my friend Sarah's blog, Bentoriffic!

Oh, and those other little things around the sandwiches are strawberry, chocolate, & vanilla flavoured ice cream cone mini marshmallows...
I got suckered by the cuteness & novelty of them :)


Mmm, look at all these delicious ice cream sandwiches, "ice cream" sandwiches, and ice cream themed fun lunches!  Yum!  Have you made ice cream sandwiches? Are you celebrating Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

Why keep the ice cream party fun to just one day? This linky party will stay open for the rest of the summer! Join us!


  1. Oddly enough, I haven't done an ice cream cone sandwich. LOL, so I linked up her ice cream cone cake and party posts!!

    1. Hope that's ok. ;) Shared on twitter too!

    2. Of course! There's ice cream in them :) The more the merrier <3

  2. Thanks for the street cred ;) Cute, cute bento! Glad to link up!


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