Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Strawberries in Laptop Lunches

Today's lunch reminded me why I rarely try my hand at kyaraben (also charaben - short for character bento). It takes skill & patience to make those itty bitty faces! I'm always amazed by the creations of bento artists like Ming of Bento, Monsters, Jee Jee of BentoUSA, & Bobo of Making Bento Is A Blessing, they are truly edible art!

I did plan to make a family of smiling strawberries. I have a whole set of accessory food picks given to me by Tiny Wiggles (I'll soon be doing a review & giveaway of those) but I quit at two berry people! Birdie got them, and her sisters got plain strawberries. I braced for the "no fairs" but they never came! The older girls admired their little sister's cute lunch then dug into their own, hooray! Really, the only difference was their berries didn't have bows and faces, theirs were still colourful and yummy :)

     In Birdie's Laptop Lunches bento box:
  • graham crackers
  • strawberries - with smiling mozzarella faces
  • carrot sticks
  • grapes - and one tomato
  • yogurt - with a smattering of coloured sugar sprinkles

Birdie: "Oooh, happy strawberries! And baby strawberries! I love dem! Dis one's de Mummy and dis is de Daddy and dose are de babies!" 

I love how even though both strawberries are sporting bows, one is a Daddy :) Way to look past gender stereotypes Birdie 

Some of the stuff I used:



  1. How did you make the faces? It is kinda hard to tell by the pictures alone ?

    1. I cut cheese into tiny smile and eye shapes by hand, then cut a groove in each strawberry to stick them in. There are handy tools that make it easier but all my bento stuff is such a mess right now I didn't know where my faces tool was - we're doing some home repairs and it's kind of chaotic over here :)

      Anyways, here's a link to the faces tool I have, it makes them MUCH easier: Decorative Bento Cutter -15 Facial Expressions


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