Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LunchBots Trio Sampler

This school year my Beanstalk starts Middle School! These may be my last few days to get creative with his bentos. But maybe not... we'll see what level of cuteness he approves once school is actually in. Apparently this is too cute because of the little fish picks - but sharks would be okay. Noted :)

Beanstalk's LunchBots Trio is kind of a sampler today. He asked for Goldfish crackers and an apple, so he got those, but I also added some yogurt for dipping them (in the LunchBots Dips container), some  applewood smoked ham, a string cheese cut in thirds, yogurt Craisins, Sahale Snacks parmesan & herb almonds, & 5 gummy fruits. 

I did add some cute fish shaped sprinkles to the yogurt - but he said they were OK. Of course - they're made of sugar! Candy is always allowed :)

Some stuff used for this lunch:



  1. That is really, really cute! Where did you find the fish picks?

    1. They are from a set of sea creatures from Daiso.

    2. Thanks. I keep hoping for a Daiso in Texas;)

  2. So cute!! You should have just said the fishies were piranha because I imagine flesh eating fish to be much more middle school approved :P


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