Friday, August 31, 2012

Edible Geekery : Doctor Who Bentos Are Cool

We're all so excited about the return of Doctor Who this Saturday night! Yes, the sproutlets are fans just  like their mum & dad; they've grown up watching it as a family, so even 3 year old Birdie is a little Whovian :)  Bella's even planning to have a Doctor Who & Sarah Jane Adventures 10th birthday party - wish me luck with that theme! Better yet, give me ideas ;)

For today's Hop, I made Bella a lunch full of Doctor Who-isms:

Bella's PlanetBox bento lunch contains:
  • Bacon "That's bacon! Are you trying to poison me?" skewered on a Stetson pick "I wear a Stetson now, Stetsons are cool," and on a Union Jack flag, like Rose Tyler's t-shirt.
  • "Hello Sweetie" ham on a brightly coloured lips pick, like River Song's when she put on her hallucinogenic lipstick, and on a bow tie pick "Bow ties are cool." 
  • "Come Along Pond" in mozzarella cheese.
  • A smiley face apple, like Amelia Pond's mother made.
  • A satsuma orange, which the 10th Doctor once used to save the Earth from alien invasion. I stuck a little tiny sonic screwdriver of sorts into the satsuma, for fun ;)
  • A very cool handmade TARDIS print cloth napkin, from Shannon of Molly's Lunch Box
  • A couple of "Jammie Dodger" sammies
  • And Jelly Babies! 
 Yes, those are real Jelly Babies :) The blackcurrant ones are my favourite.

I don't actually care for Jammie Dodgers though, so I made my own Sammie Dodgers with wheat bread, cookie cutters, and lemon curd:

They were meant to be made with raspberry jam, but I discovered at the last moment that we were out! It was almost tragic until I remembered I had food colouring. Lemon curd to the rescue! Yum :)

I love this Doctor Who lunch! How can you not smile back at that apple? And I just know the Doctor would love it too... I can almost hear him... 
"I eat bento lunches now. Bentos are cool." :)

I had a Whovian lunch as well!  Not a bento though. I had a delicious ginger carrot soup, topped with Bad Wolf in mozzarella. Poor Doctor, he's always wanted to be ginger... With my soup I also had a satsuma - and a good cup of tea, just like the newly regenerated 10th Doctor :)  

I can hardly wait until Saturday night and the return of the Doctor et al in the Series 7 premiere!  I think I'll make some jammie dodger ice cream sammies for a sweet treat during the show :) Then again, who knows what fabulous food ideas I might get from my fellow bento bloggers in this hop! 

I bet Astrid of Lunches Fit For A Kid has something special to share. Click on the TARDIS button below to hop through the vortex and see...


UPDATE: When this lunch was shared on a Doctor Who fan page on Facebook, the most common comment was "Where are the fish fingers & custard?" The answer is, here:

Click the pic to jump to this post for a Whovian lunch Linky Party!


  1. So much fun! I love how you wrote in the soup with mozzarella.

  2. Anonymous8/31/2012

    Love it! My husband wants to know why I never made hm a whovian lunch before! Now I have ideas! Thanks

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is epic!!!!!!!!!! So much Doctory goodness in one place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. you are so creative!!! I love it all, but I absolutely adore the ginger soup!

  5. I totally TOTALLY love the Jammie Dodger Sammies!!! This was so far beyond awesome all of mine together feel a bit inadequate now ;)

  6. And a BOW TIE PICK?!?!? I don't have a bow tie pick :(

  7. (Last comment - honest! But I couldn't keep trying to ignore the actual Jelly Babies. Closest I ever get are Sour Patch Kids and I HATE Sour Patch Kids!)

    1. Sour Patch Kids shred my mouth. And there's no blackcurrant. Jelly Babies are softer - but not like gummies, more like a softer jujube... almost like Turkish Delight especially with the powdered sugar.

  8. Anonymous8/31/2012

    Always bring a banana to a party. Can't go wrong with more fruit!

    1. If only my daughter liked bananas! But there are some in the rest of the Hop ;)

  9. Love your Tardis napkin and your lunches! Somehow you always manage to keep your lunches neat and artistically done. Your awesome-ness doesn't disappoint.

  10. This is nuts! I love all the details.. makes me want to marathon run the episodes so I can connect all the dots!

  11. So cute! The bento is great - but I am In Love with your BAD WOLF soup.

  12. Absolutely brilliant! I love how very many elements you've included from the different Doctors' eras. You're right, he so would eat bentos now. Bentos are cool.

  13. How on earth did you write bad wolf on your soup??!! You're amazing.


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