Monday, August 13, 2012

"I Love My New Purple Lunchbox!"

Birdie said this so many times today. "Purple is my favourite tolour!" (She still has trouble with her c's). Yes,  she's very much in love with her new purple Goodbyn Bynto, just like her big sister Sprout's pink one. And even though we ate lunch at home today, they both wanted to eat from their colourful Byntos:

Lunch was peanut butter "ice cream" sandwiches,  red & green grapes, iced tea, and greek yogurt with sprinkles. Nothing fancy but it looked fun. They also love to use our reusable Light My Fire sporks for fun so that's what I gave them today. Of course, they both shouted for the pink one, but I reminded them "you get what you get and you don't get upset" :)

Oh, and when Sprout picked out the ice cream cone shaped Lunch Punch she asked if they could have some ice cream cone marshmallows in their lunchboxes, and I said yes, but then I forgot to put any in there, and they didn't even notice - ha!

PS!   I forgot to add Bella's! She also had peanut butter "ice cream" sandwiches, but asked for carrots & tomatoes instead of yogurt. I tried to arrange them like an ice cream cone, with triangular & round baking cups :)


  1. Ahh, I want one so bad.
    and the sporks now too!

  2. Cute! Agghhh. Lunchbox envy.

  3. What a cute box! I love the ice cream sandwiches!

  4. My daughter says Tolor and Tookie too! She doesn't seem to hear the C on words like that - we will see if that changes in kindergarten. Are your young kids able to open the Bynto easily? I have been thinking about getting one, but not sure how my daughter will handle it on her own.

  5. I just ordered two byntos from Gilt Groupe. I can't wait to use them! Cute lunch!


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