Monday, August 15, 2011

Brunch Lunch

I was going to make brunch today but I was up most of the night with itchy little girls (allergies & eczema from our weekend away) so when I finally did get to sleep I did not want to get up - lucky for me Sailor Boy is on leave so I got to sleep in until past brunch time! As a result, brunch was actually served at lunch time :)

They had carrot mini muffins, scrambled "eggies", cheese, yogurt, oranges, and juice. This is Bean Sprout & Baby Bird's. Bella had the same thing but on a regular plate, and with a regular size muffin, and Beanstalk had lunch with a friend. Pickle wanted a muffin tin lunch too, so here is his peanut butter sandwich version, that he helped make:

The little girls really like getting their lunch in the muffin tins - and they don't have preschool on Mondays so it works out well :)

1 comment:

  1. How wonderful to get to sleep in! The meals look great!


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