Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A-Camping We Will Go!

Our camping weekend was so much fun, none of us wanted to come home Sunday! Next year, I think we'll go for a whole week. To bring back a little of the fun, I made a camping food theme for today's muffin tin lunches. Also, I'm not quite caught up on the laundry yet so the campfire scent from the baskets of clothing sitting near the kitchen table added to the atmosphere :)

Sadly, my cheapie camera has now joined my good camera in retirement, so today's photos were taken with my phone. I'm a bit sad because they just don't look as yummy in the pics as they do in person. My birthday is in a few weeks though... I'm hoping to be able to take better pictures then... are you reading this darling husband o'mine?

Anyways, back to the lunches! Muffin Tins for Bean Sprout & Baby Bird:

  • Trail Mix & Popcorn cakes - mmm, ever have Jiffy Pop cooked over the campfire? (Birdie LOVED these)
  • S'mores Goldfish - gotta have s'mores!
  • Ovaltine "hot chocolate" 
  • Turkey hot dogs on sticks  (Wouldn't a little tealight candle to roast them over have been cute? Too dangerous for tots though, oh well)
  • Baked beans - a camping staple and one of my childhood favorites 
  • Pancakes wedges with syrup dip - Sailor Boy's special "Daddy Pancakes" (secret recipe, I don't even know it). He makes big batches and we freeze some for me to thaw as needed. He made them fresh on our trip and they were all the better cooked out in the open air :)

Bella & Beanstalk got an Easy Lunchbox version. Their beans and hot dogs I sliced and put in a Thermos Funtainer - beanie wienie!

I am really impressed with this Thermos. 4 hours after I filled it the food was just the right temperature for eating. Oh, and that's a Tritan Spork by Light My Fire.

Pickle's daily peanut butter sandwich fits in with the camping theme.
He had a pancake tent with his PB evergreen trees under a night sky :)

I think today's lunch could have been healthier - it was a little lacking in fruit - but they had apples for snacks later on. And I was surprised that none of them liked their brown beans! I love baked brown beans, especially beanie wienie! Silly sproutlets, don't know what they are missing. Ah well, more for me! :)


  1. Love it! I love the theme and all the little details such as putting the hot dog on a stick...great tin!

  2. Thank you! I liked your pizza toppings tin, added it to my to do list :)

  3. Anonymous9/29/2011

    OMG I love your idea of using the muffin tins as a serving dish. Such a fantastic idea!! I know my kids would love that. I'm going to steal this idea and try it at home tonight.

  4. Thank you, but I can't take the credit for that brilliant idea - I got it from the Muffin Tin Mom! http://michellesjournalcorner.blogspot.com/


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