Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Hearty Bentos

Today's bentos were supposed to have heart-shaped eggs in them, but my first attempt at that was a fail (picture below) and by then the rest of the eggs had cooled too much to shape - so instead I decorated the eggs with cut out carrot shapes. Bean Sprout had the heart bento and Baby Bird had the happy face. Sprout asked for green grapes and mozzarella cheese, while Birdie opted for "all colours cheese and grapes", and they each got a croissant. I really doubt these bentos could make the trip to preschool in their lunchboxes and arrive intact, but we were home today so all was well :)

Pickle got peanut butter sandwich kebabs. I used cocktail swizzle sticks as skewers, they're brightly coloured and blunt-ended. Pickle LOVED his sandwiches on a stick!

Bella had a MOMables lunch again, slightly modified to her taste. In case you missed yesterday's post, MOMables is a healthy, kid-friendly lunch menu subscription service. I probably won't post many pictures of MOMables lunches, because they are for subscribers :) If you are interested in seeing more, check out their website or facebook page !

See my egg fail?
I followed Anna the Red's instructions, but I was clumsy and slow, and my eggs cooled too much and cracked. Also, I only had child's chopsticks, that might have been part of the problem. Oh well, better luck next time!

Oh, and if you click the link above, be prepared to be blown away by Anna the Red's bentos - amazing is putting it mildly!


  1. thanks for sharing your creative sandwiches for Fancy Sandwich Friday - you're the best! I've been meaning to try that heart egg trick too ... maybe I'll just stick to my heart egg mold : )


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