Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Berry Beary Nice Try

I had high hopes for this Berry Beary Yummy lunch. They were all going to love it, and think it was both cute and yummy and gobble it all up :) It did look good, they did think it was cute, and some of them thought some of it was yummy... but, there were still some complaints, and some leftovers. I learned a few things ... Lesson #1: I can't please everyone, and with 5 kids, the odds are higher that I won't. Lesson #2: I can cut back on the amount of food. Lesson #3: Cutting sandwiches with cookie cutters wastes a lot of bread (cheese is fine, I can put the scraps in my salad). And that's exactly why I am packing lunches now, before school starts, to work out these kinks :)

So here is what went in my berry and bear themed lunches: Cran-raspberry juice, strawberries, bear shaped peanut butter sandwiches (Beanstalk's is grilled and stamped, didn't quite work out), bear shaped cheese, teddy grahams, strawberry-vanilla yogurt, honey-roasted almonds for Beanstalk who doesn't like yogurt (bears like honey!), a sugar-free strawberry wafer cookie, and 3 gummy strawberries.
Pickle's lunch was already packed in his red bag when I took the photo; he only had teddy bear sandwiches and yogurt, but he had twice as much of each.

Oh, I did find out that with an ice pack in the Built neoprene lunch bags, the contents DO stay cold for at least 3 hours, yay!


  1. What containers did you use so that the yogurt doesn't spill out to the other compartments?

  2. They are EasyLunchboxes. They come as a set of 4, and there is also a lunchbox made just for them that they sit right side up, flat on the bottom of, so they don't tip. We already had BuiltNY lunch bags, so we use those, and they fit on the bottom of them right side up, so my kids really only have to tip them at an angle to pull them out of the bag and they don't spill over from that. I think if I was to pack them in a lunch bag sideways I might need to put a little plastic wrap or waxed paper over the yogurt section.

  3. I cut the bread before adding the other ingredients, then put the bread "scraps" in a freezer bag. I get them out and put them through the food processor any time I make a recipe that calls for breadcrumbs. You could also save them in a "feed the ducks" bag.

  4. Good tips, thanks Amy!


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