Monday, August 22, 2011

No lunch today

OK, that's not really true, there was a lunch, just not prepared by me :) We got home from camping late last night, and I needed to restock the fridge today. Sailor Boy made lunch for the sproutlets while I was out grocery shopping, so our Muffin Tin Monday meal has been bumped to Tuesday.

But look!
I got a set of 101 cookie cutters! Oh, the possibilities!

I sorted them and the cutters I already had into categories and put them in big zipper bags until I figure out a better way to organize them. For now, I put the bags in the "lazy susan" cupboard (must google the origins of that name) I have all my lunch stuff in.

I'd love to hear how others store all their lunch-making supplies; please feel welcome to leave a comment to share your system!


  1. All your lunch ideas are so adorable. Wish I had fun lunches like that when I was a kid. No wait, I'd love fun lunches like that now :)

  2. I'd love to hear how people store things too. I'm always reorganizing in a kitchen that doesn't have a lot of storage space!

  3. I got that same set for my cookies (on a stick) making but they will get used in bentos too!


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