Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tasty Rainbows

Today Beanstalk had a playdate, so I only had 4 lunches to make. I bought lots of fresh fruit yesterday, and the rainbow of colours in the fridge inspired me to arrange things rainbow-fashion in the lunchboxes too :)

Here's Bella's fruit & veggie rainbow over a carrots in foil muffin cup pot of gold, with mozzarella & bagel clouds on the side:

Bean Sprout & Baby Bird had theirs in matching pink sandwich boxes, which they loved. They had strawberries instead of tomatoes. Bella doesn't like strawberries! Here is one of their all-fruit rainbow over a mozzarella pot of gold bentos. Cheddar would have made a better gold, but, I already had the mozza sliced :)

Pickle said he wanted a bento lunchbox too (he meant an Easy Lunchbox like Bella's, he actually doesn't like his foods to touch) and wanted me to take a picture of it, so here is his ho-hum blah peanut butter sandwich, vanilla yogurt and oatmeal cookie lunch:

Everyone was pleased with their lunch and ate pretty much everything - hooray!


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