Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Butterfly Family Lunch

Today's lunch was chopped up and thrown together while I was on the phone catching up with a friend in Hawaii, so not much thought was put into it, but the sproutlets liked it. They wanted ramen noodle soup which was quick & easy, and I cut up some carrots, apples & cheese to go with it. A plate full of chopped fruit & vegetables is much more appealing when arranged artfully (Kulinary Kids wrote a great note about this yesterday on their facebook page ) so this is what I hastily did with the hand not holding the phone:

The plates went in the center of the table for them to eat family-style.

Here's Pickle's peanut butter sandwich. I told him that it's our family as butterflies, so he decided which of each of the little butterflies was who, and ate himself last :)


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