Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lunch Guest: Bentos On The Bayou!

Hello readers! This is Rebecca from Bentos on the Bayou,  and I could not be more honored to be your guest blogger today.  Cristi is a sweet friend and someone I admire so much, so when I found out her Sailor was coming home, I jumped on the chance to step in and offer to do a post for her.

While I absolutely adore Cristi, her amazing husband Andy is kind of a super hero at my house, quite literally.  I hope this week is truly wonderful and beautiful for these 7 people that so truly deserve it.  Thank you Andy for serving our country.  I have so much respect for you and know that words can never express the gratitude I feel for you and your fellow sailors, soldiers, pilots, etc.  Thank you Cristi (and all 5 of your beautiful children) for supporting him and all you do as a military family.

The lunch I am sharing today is simple, healthy and fun!  I truly love the plethora of colors available in fruits and vegetables and love to use as many of them as possible in my bentos.  As you can imagine, I was thrilled when I cut into this Chioggia beet!  I didn’t realize it was this variety until I cut into it and saw the candy cane stripes.  I was absolutely giddy!!

A Beautiful Bento by Bentos On The Bayou guest posting at Bent On Better Lunches

What’s in the box?
Chioggia Beet Flower, Edamame
Fresh Pole Beans, Carrot Sticks, Cucumber
Clementine Orange, Raspberries
Rotisserie Chicken, Colby-Jack Cheese
Raw Corn w/ Nori Face, Cherry Tomatoes

Thank you for the pleasure of your company today!!  I hope you enjoyed this lunch, and I hope Cristi enjoyed a little extra time with her Sailor today.


  1. Hi Andy!! Welcome home! Thank you Cristi for allowing me to guest post for you!

  2. Welcome home Andy. I love that beet, now to see if my little one will eat it.

  3. Thank you for the gorgeous guest post Rebecca! This may be the healthiest lunches ever on my blog, and certainly one of the most beautiful :)

  4. Beautiful!! And I love your sentiment, Rebecca. So sweet. Welcome home, Sailor Boy!

  5. Love the beet flower! Welcome home Andy!!

  6. That beet is awesome! And I'm a sucker for corn with faces. Great job!

  7. So colorful and beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous bento! Hope you & Andy are enjoying some well deserved Mom & Dad time! <3


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