Friday, November 15, 2013

Lunch Guest: Creative Food!

Hi everyone! I am Michelle from Creative Food.  My blog is all about presenting food in a fun and creative way for my daughter, Eliana. I'm so excited to be guest posting here on for Cristi while she is relaxing and enjoying well deserved time with her family!  I have always been such a huge fan of what Cristi does-- she packs the most gorgeous lunches and honestly sometimes I wish she could pack my lunches! :)

So without futher ado.. since we are in still in Fall season (although it is hard to tell because Christmas music is popping up everywhere!) I decided to make a Scarecrow lunch to share with you all today!

To make this Simple Scarecrow all I used my circle cookie cutter and some kitchen scissors.  His head I cut out with the circle cookie cutter and made a sandwich.  The hat and body I used my kitchen scissors to cut the bread crust.  His face is made of mini chocolate chip eyes, a carrot nose, confetti cheeks and a mouth drawn with edible food markers.  His straw hair is made of potato sticks that I stuck under his hat.

So when making him I had thought his hat was too plain so I decided to add some cheese and carrot decorations.. but now looking at him again he looks more like a pilgrim... So he is a Pilgrim Scarecrow! Perfect for Fall/Thanksgiving time  He was really so simple to make and Eliana loved him! She enjoyed her Scarecrow Lunch with some fruit on the side (not pictured).

Thanks again to Cristi for letting me guest post!  I hope you had a wonderful stay-cation!!

For more Creative Fun Food you can find me here:

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  1. wow! what creative idea! I have a little girl named alena,,she always asked me to make some funny and creative food item for her so that she can surprise it to her school friends...That's why I'm searching through net to find some creative and funny lunch ideas...I'll try it at home to put smile on my little beloved kids..thanks for sharing


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