Monday, November 25, 2013

I Love You, Near & Far

Remember that Sesame Street segment with that loveable, cute & furry monster Grover running back & forth to show preschoolers the difference between near & far? I wonder if they still play that segment...  Anyways... these are not Sesame Street bentos nor do they teach near & far...  it's my lunch photo that got me thinking about Grover's lesson...  you'll see why.

Here's lunch for Birdie & Sprout. Birdie made her own cheese sandwich with our CuteZcute cutter! She didn't quite press hard enough for the kitty image to imprint well but she had fun making it & she's happy with it 

Sassy i Love You bento boxes

Usually I take the lunch's photo on the table on our front porch but Sailor Boy had some boxes on it so I put the lunch down on the porch instead, and took it from standing. Then I cropped in for this post. Now you see what got me thinking about Sesame Street's near & far skit!

I got a kick out of my toes peeking in because my socks match the lunch :) Kind of hard for those socks not to match something though, heh!

Anyways, they both have CuteZcute kitty sandwiches - Birdie's is cheese & Sprout's is Nutella & PB - carrots with one stuck through a heart cupcake topper ring, & apple wedges, packed in mis-matched Sassy boxes. I couldn't find one of the inner containers so subbed a silicone baking cup.

And here's that Sesame Street clip :)

Stuff used to make these lunches:



  1. Cute! Your lunch photos always look so bright and cheerful!

  2. I remember that skit! Love the mix & match boxes :-)


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