Monday, November 18, 2013

Lunch Guest: Becoming A Bentoholic!

Hi everyone!  My name is Anna and I am a mom of two little ones ages 2 & 4.  My four year old daughter is in preschool and is primarily the one I pack lunches for.  Don't worry the 2 year old gets his fair share of fun snacks and muffin tin meals.  He also helps gobble up those bento scraps!  I would love for you all to stop on by my blog (Becoming A Bentoholic) or Facebook page and say hello some time.

Today I have prepared a quick, simple, and fun lunch.

In this lunch:  Carrot curls (I just used my peeler on the carrot, then curled them up in the lunchbox for prettiness), cucumber slices, peanut butter in the small pink Lego box, crackers, a few Lego block candies, clementine wedges, and red grapes.

Used as the photo background is one of my multipurpose Funkins!

This lunch is packed in our Lego lunchbox, the blue inner container is also a Lego box.

A special thanks to Cristi for letting me try my hand at guest blogging!  I hope you are enjoying some well deserved time with your family :)

1 comment:

  1. The prettiest Lego lunch ever! Thanks so much for being my guest <3


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