Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lunch Guest: Feeling A Little Lunchy!

feeling a little bent on better lunches today...

Well, hello there to all of Cristi's loyal fans!  I'm a huge fan of hers as well.  In fact, I have been more than inspired by her amazing lunches...enough to start my own blog and attempt to make our food look as fabulous as hers...I try, but she's pretty talented with the food stuff and creativity and camera and cool fonts. I'm feeling a little lunchy, you can find me at and also on Facebook. I feel so honored that Cristi would let me hijack her blog for a minute to share one of my mustachioed lunches with you. I tried really hard to channel her creativity, but I still wasn't happy with the result...maybe you will like it anyways.

I have two daughters, ages 10 and 12 who are two very different people.  The 12 year old will not allow me to add any flair to her lunches anymore, but the 10 year old loves it and says she wants me to do this forever. Therefore, quite often, I make the same lunch, but two ways. One with flair, one without.

I do realize there's tomatoes in one lunch and none in the other, that's how my girls roll. They're both getting turkey and cheese with lettuce, carrots, a clementine and some pineapple chunks. They'll have some ranch to dip the carrots tossed in their bags. I always send reusable water bottles with them as well. They like me to freeze the bottles overnight so they will be good and cold all day. Basically, I just fill the bottles half way, freeze them, then in the morning I will too them off with water so they're not completely solid. They work well as ice packs, too. 

The flair-rific lunch is adorned with a couple of mustaches...mainly because we love them, but also because it's Movember, and we would love it if the men in all of our lives took the time this month to get a check up, avoid any cancers and just take care of themselves.

These lunches, as most of ours are, were packed in EasyLunchboxes. If you don't have any yet, they're great.  I'm sure you'd be able to hunt down a link for them somewhere on this blog. Look over there at the some. 

Thanks again for letting me steal you from BentOnBetterLunches!

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  1. Thank you so much for this delicious post erin! I love how you've shown how appealing two very similar lunches can be whether cute-ified with accessories or not. Of course I love the moustachioed lunch just a little bit more though ;) And I love you for being my guest <3


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