Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Anniversary Doctor Who!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who! Such a milestone deserves to be commemorated with something special, so my littlest Whovian, 4 year old Birdie, helped me make a special bento for her lunch :)

TARDIS lunchbox from ThinkGeek (USA)   K-9 cookie cutter from Lakeland (UK)
Birdie's as much a fan of The Sarah Jane Adventures as she is of Doctor Who, & she loves K-9, the robot dog. She made her K-9 cheese sandwich all by herself ♥ ♥ He's only slightly wibbly-wobbly, she did a fantastic job!

Birdie made her sandwich using one of our new Whovian cookie cutters my amazing English friend Grace (of Eats Amazing) recently sent us.  She also sent the TARDIS chocolate mold I used to make the little blue K-9 sweet ♥ 

I packed the other half of the LunchBots Duo with yogurt in a LunchBots Dips cup, apples, & a TARDIS print cloth napkin. I swirled some blue sugar into the pink and blue Trix yogurt to represent the Time Vortex. The apple wedges are striped like K-9's collar (which matched the 4th Doctor's iconic scarf).

My little Whovian was thrilled with her K-9 bento. She's super excited about the 50th Anniversary episode that airs today. She's got her fez on and her sonic screwdriver ready to use when the Doctor uses his ;)

Now click the the button to hop over to Robot Squirrel & the Monkeys and see what the talented Eileen has made for her little Time Lords!

Some stuff used to make this lunch:


  1. Birdie did a GREAT job!!! (and you did, too!)

  2. Adorable! Great job Birdie! :D She is such an adorable little Doctor!

  3. Great taste, Birdie! And, job well done both of you. She makes such a precious little Doctor. <3 <3

  4. Great job, Birdie! Love it!

  5. Great job! You both did awesome love these, and she is too cute for words.

  6. Birdie is absolutely the cutest Doctor I've ever seen!

  7. Love K9, but Birdie stole the post. So adorable!

  8. You and Birdie did a fantastic job on that lunch, and LOVE that picture of her, too!

  9. Another favorite. Geronimo!

  10. Brilliant job Birdie! Love the Time Vortex :-)


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