Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hallowe'en!

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday when I took Beanstalk to school it was light out - actually the sky was red, it was a beautiful sunrise - but today, at the same time, it was still dark! I waited until right before we left to snap a photo of his lunch, hoping for some light, but nope, I had to use the flash :) Ah well, I'm lucky he let me make him a fun lunch at all - a Hallowe'en treat!

Beanstalk's Hallowe'en PlanetBox Rover contains:

Boo, I forgot to take a photo of the girls' lunches! Ah well, they had pretty simple pumpkin themes with a jack o'lantern Babybel cheese, pumpkin food picks, & lots of orange & green :)

Here's Pickle's pumpkin peanut butter sandwich:

Rather than leave out the pieces of jack o'lantern face,  I squashed those bits of bread flat & put them back in. The smiling pumpkin face still stands out, but Pickle doesn't lose any of his lunch :)

I think he'll like that bit of pumpkin trivia on his Lunchbox Love note. We've seen white pumpkins - the sproutlets call them ghost pumpkins, but I know we haven't seen red or blue ones! We'll be looking for them now!

Happy Hallowe'en!


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