Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mabel's Labels!

We've been lucky so far and haven't lost any of our lunch gear - that I know of... but Birdie's left things at preschool... and with 26 little ones in her class, it's quite possible something could go home with another child one of these days. So... we got some labels! Mabel's Labels!

Our Mabel's Labels were easy to apply, just peel & stick. They have some stretch to them so I was even able to apply them to the curved neck of her water bottle. They're also easy to cut - I trimmed a smidge off the length of one. And they really stay on, even through the dishwasher! I'm very happy with them, and so is Birdie :)

Now I want some Mabel's Labels for all my sproutlets' stuff - so I'm super excited about the new Holiday Stocking Stuffer Combos!
From now until 12/31, Mabel's Labels is offering limited edition Stocking Stuffer Combos and Holiday Return Address Labels in exclusive Holiday designs.

I'm definitely getting the Stocking Stuffer Combo - I'll get 6 sets for $30, and I can mix & match designs. What an affordable & fun way to get an assortment of names! Perfect for a family with multiple kids, like mine. And for Birdie & Angus (aka Pickle), stickers with their names is a novelty :)

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