Monday, October 28, 2013

Birdie's Bats & Spiders

Birdie's preschool class is learning about bats & spiders - perfect for a Hallowe'eny bento! I packed a bunch of them in her Framboise pink Yumbox:

I used our CuteZcute Animal Palz mini sandwich & egg press to make a bat cheese sandwich & hard cooked egg. Spider picks decorate sliced strawberries, and I slipped a spider cupcake ring over one of her baby carrots. Ghostly white yogurt with orange, green & black cupcake sprinkles and matching silicone cups make it Hallowe'en coloured, and she has an orange & green gummy worm stuck with a bat pick for a treat.  :)

Some stuff used to make this lunch:

● ● ● ● ●


1 comment:

  1. So much cuteness in such a small space!! Love it :D


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