Thursday, October 10, 2013

Boo! It's A Silly Bagel Bento

The school age sproutlets are home today - it's parent/teacher conference time.  Ours were this morning, so now we have an extra long weekend ahead of us! Birdie still had preschool though, so I packed her a Sassy box lunch:

She asked for a bagel, and the one I pulled from the bag looked like it was sticking it's tongue out at me! So all it needed was some mozzarella string cheese slice eyes and a leaf pick to become a silly pumpkin :) The rest of the string cheese is cut in pieces and holding up alphabet picks, and a ghost pick flies up from some sweet Aurora apple slices.

Some stuff used for this bento:


  1. That is so cute. How do you think of everything so cute and simple like this?

    I thought about getting the letter picks but figured I'd need at LEAST 3 sets of them. >_<

    1. That's a good estimate. I have 3 sets :)


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