Monday, October 14, 2013

It's a Monday lunch.

This Monday has been Mondayier than usual. Getting the sproutlets ready for school was a real chore, and I barely had time to pack lunches. Bella was ready to go ahead of time though, the only one who made an effort, so I took a couple of seconds to stick some picks in hers and snap a pic.

She's loving little tomatoes lately. She says they're just the right size for a snack so she likes me to pack more than one so she can have one at recess too. She didn't want a sandwich or a quesadilla and I didn't want to play the suggestion game so Clif bar it is. She did volunteer that she wanted cantaloupe and Fig Newtons - done. Not the most fantastic lunch but it'll fill her belly :)

The tomato picks came from this set. Aren't the little veggies so cute?
Nobody else's lunch was worth documenting, really. Yay Monday.



  1. Mondays happen to the best of us! Lunch still manages to look delish!


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