Friday, October 4, 2013

Doctor Who Fun Run Bento

Today is my friend & fellow Whovian's birthday! Happy Birthday, Eileen of Robot Squirrel & the Monkeys! So today I'm sharing a bento I made for another friend, a local friend, who also happens to be a Doctor Who fan, and who I met because of Eileen! Which is funny because I've never actually met Eileen herself in person, we connected online through bento blogging! Heh :)

Anyways... here's the bento I delivered to our mutual friend at her work:

I made a snacky bento so she could nibble while she worked:
  • applewood smoked turkey breast is rolled and skewered on alphabet bento picks spelling "RUN"
  • a cheddar cheese TARDIS sits atop cheese cubes
  • carrot sticks & 2 strawberry hearts
  • green & red grapes
  • cheesy whole grain star crackers
  • & a Clif Z-Bar brownie cut in half for dessert

I chose the word "RUN" because our friend, who goes by Princess Seven online, is one of the organizers of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Fun Run/Walk. It's a virtual run, and it's how we connected. Eileen invited me to do the Run, I registered, and her friend the organizer noticed we lived in the same town, we met, and hit it off :) Thanks, Eileen!

The medal is fantastic! My half marathon medal:

It's actually silver coloured, but my light is very yellow :)

And it's for a good cause too, proceeds benefit Boston Marathon Victims Relief. There's still time to register for the Run, the deadline has been extended, but only until October 14th. Basically, run! 

Happy Friday All & Happy Birthday Robot Squirrel!


  1. So incredibly awesome :) You are an amazing person. I love you took her lunch at work <3


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