Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lunch is a Hoot!

Birdie has an owl for lunch today. Hoot hoot!

Her owl is a cheese sandwich made of honey wheat & white, with mozzarella & American cheese details. Beneath the owl is the rest of the string cheese used for the eyes, baby carrots, & strawberry hearts.

The underside of the owl is the reverse bread - no waste! 
The half-circle piece cut from the top actually makes wings...
... but I ate them! Bad hungry mummy :)

Her lunch was inspired by our new bento box, all the way from Britain! It was a surprise from my blogger friend Grace of Eats Amazing. I had admired this owl design box months ago and she remembered - thank you Grace!

The bento box is by Paperchase. The lid is transparent and there's a shelf beneath it that holds cutlery, chopstick, napkin etc. I've tucked Birdie's cloth napkin in it, and a fork - it looks kind of like a branch for the owls to sit on :)

Sprout's lunch is what she asked for, with a couple of friendly little animal picks for fun. She has carrots, string cheese, strawberries, mini peanut butter sandwiches, a GoGurt tube, & an Oreo, packed in her yubo lunchbox.

Pickle has his usual yogurt & cookie (not shown) & peanut butter sandwich - cut with an airplane Lunch Punch from the Vrrrmm! transportation set.

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  1. That owl is SO CUTE!! I love him! I may have to make my own owl lunch!!

  2. Absolutely adorable!! I just love it!

  3. I first saw the Yubo lunchbox on your blog (valentine's day lunches) and have been wanting it ever since, but I just couldn't justify the cost for my 3 year old. Yesterday I discovered that they were offering a 30% off promo for your entire purchase in relation to the upcoming Earth Day so I finally ordered it (shhhh, don't tell my husband). From now until Earth Day, get 30% off your entire purchase with the promo code NOWASTE... I'm so excited to finally have a Yubo to pack for my little boy. Just wanted to share that discount incase you or any of your other followers have been eyeing their own Yubo or more accessories... your a bad influence on my bento spending habits ;) and I'm glad I follow your blog! Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks! Great savings - I hope you love yours :)

  4. Ooo I love the owl!! Even without his wings :D Annd so perfect in the adorable new box!


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