Saturday, April 6, 2013

Edible Geekery : Rex Manning Day!

Since it's the closest Saturday to the actual Rex Manning Day, my fellow nerdgirls and I thought we'd pay homage with a little blog hop.
Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear.

I made Bean Sprout a superb lunch.  Superb.  Superb... Superb :)

She has a cheese sandwich, apple wedges, baby carrots with a record cupcake ring, raspberries with cheese music, and yogurt with stars. 

Bella has a rock star lunch too. But no quote for hers. Neither girl has seen Empire Records, the cheese quote in Sprout's was just a little fun for me :)  

Her EasyLunchbox contains a turkey & cheddar wrap secured with a guitar pick, a clementine orange, apple wedges, a couple of Oreos, some cucumber slices, baby carrots, & grape tomatoes on a music pick. Rock & Roll!

If you haven't seen the film Empire Records and don't know what's with today, today, it's okay... you mustn't dwell...  no, not today... you can't!

Not on Rex Manning Day!

You can still enjoy the lovely lunches :)
So go see what Chaos & Confections has happening:
If you want to see a music video with Sexy Rexy, once you've hopped through and back to me, click here to see last year's Rex Manning Day post, with Pickle's lame record sandwich, heheh :)

Some stuff used to make these lunches:


  1. Yay!! These lunches are superb!!! <3 <3

  2. love it! My favourite movie of all time :)

  3. Superb lunches! You rock!

  4. I know nothing about this movie but you lunches look great.

  5. I just geeked out in front of my son. Love this hop...wish there were more in it!
    I say "Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear." ALL the time. It's sad really. =)
    Have a good one!

  6. These are just, well, superb <3


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