Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Love You To Pieces :)

Today is the last day of April, which has been Autism Awareness Month,  so I made my Pickle a puzzle sandwich with our beloved Lunch Punch Match & Munch cutters. When I serve him a puzzle sandwich at home I tell him I love him to pieces; I hope thinks of that when he gets one at school

I Love You To Pieces - Autism Awareness Puzzle Lunch

Sometimes I do mess them up though... like today... I left some of the puzzle tabs in the cutter! Too much peanut butter, bread too soft, in too much of a hurry? Who knows... and Pickle won't care! After all, perfect pieces don't taste any better than messy ones :)

Pickle also has yogurt with multicoloured star sprinkles, and an oatmeal cookie cut in quarters to fit the yubo cup. He'll like that, he'll count it as a puzzle, like he did when he did the same thing :)

Pickle's lunch was made with this stuff:

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  1. Yummy puzzles! I thought maybe you had a different puzzle cutter! I like the imperfect ones :D They add flair!


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