Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Friends Share: Disposable Field Trip Lunches

Yes, that's right, I packed a completely disposable lunch. Bella's class was going on a field trip and they were asked to bring disposable lunches. Disposable doesn't have to mean it must be thrown in the trash though - I had saved some recyclable containers for things like this, so most of this could be thrown in a recycling bin if there was one available.

Disposable recyclable field trip lunch

I wanted to pack her some fresh fruit, veggies & a sandwich, but the requested plastic zipper bag wouldn't offer much protection from bruising and squashing. 
A plastic clamshell strawberry basket would! I decorated the basket & bottle with duct tape, both for fun & to cover the original labels :)

Disposable recyclable field trip lunch
Bella's berry basket bento lunch contains:
  • A turkey & cheddar flatbread sandwich
  • Grape tomatoes on toothpicks to keep them from rolling around 
  • A Gala apple
  • Stretch Island raspberry fruit snacks
  • Raspberry lemonade
  • Clif Kid Z bar (snack for the bus ride home)

Disposable recyclable field trip lunch
I was able to fit everything in the berry clamshell, which I then packed in the requested plastic zipper bag that Mia Bella had labelled with her name.  Squash-Proof!

Disposable recyclable field trip lunch

Bella said she didn't want to throw it away even though she could - and there wasn't a recycling bin - so she brought the berry basket and bottle back home with her to use another time 
● ● ● ● ●
Some of my bento blogging friends have shared some great ideas to make the most of those disposable field trip lunch days!

Karen of What's In Our Lunch Bags? packed
 take out sauce cups for a snacky lunch! 

Jenn of Bento for Kidlet turned a
 boring brown bag into a work of art!

made lunch better with Doc McStuffins

Have you packed any disposable bento lunches? 
I'd love it if you'd share them! Here's a button to place in your post if you do :)
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  1. Love this & thanks for including me :) I'll link up on Friday whatever I come up with his field trip to the zoo :)

  2. I love the zebra striped duct tape! Thanks for featuring my Doc McStuffins post! I will link up this year's field trip lunch next week :)

  3. Love the lunch. Thanks for the great tips on using recyclable containers for field trips it worked great for us. :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE that you used duct tape to personalize and dress this lunch up. Genius!!

    1. Eileen had the same idea, great minds think alike! Hers is in the linky :)

  5. Love this post. Boogs had a field trip today. So, of course, I sent his lunch in a strawberry container. There is nothing appealing about a squished sandwich on a field trip. Thanks for reminding me to use a strawberry container.

  6. LOVE this idea, thanks! My daughter has two field trips coming up! Now, I just gotta get some pretty duct tape, lol


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