Thursday, April 11, 2013

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Sprout's library day is today, and as I packed her last week's book in her schoolbag, I chuckled because the book she borrowed was one that we own, both on paper and as a Storia eBook - Clifford the Big Red Dog :) Of course we read the library copy anyways... that girl loves Clifford!

She'll be very happy to open her lunchbox today:

I made the Clifford in his doghouse sandwich with a Critter Cutter Lunch Punch, Americolor food pens, & candy eyes, all available from BentoUSA.

Clifford is also Sprout's kindergarten class mascot!

Lunch is a Nutella sandwich on white wheat, baby carrots, apple wedges, & a Fiber One Strawberry PB&J Chewy granola bar, packed in her green yubo lunch box. None of Sprout's lunch needs to be kept chilled, but she does prefer her apples & carrots crisp & cold, so I put a small ice pack under just those 2 containers instead of the full size one that comes with the yubo.


  1. My daughter loved Clifford!! Very cute lunch.

  2. So cute! I love your Clifford Lunch!! :)

  3. So so cute!!! You can never have too much Clifford :D

  4. what are the smaller clifford's made of?

    1. One is a cupcake ring and the other is a cupcake pick :)


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