Monday, April 1, 2013

Bunny Food

For the last day of school before Spring Break I packed Bella a special Eastery lunch in her Laptop Lunches bento box:

She had turkey & cheddar flatbread roll-ups, an Easter egg filled with spiced almonds, a ginger carrot bran muffin, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, radish rabbits, & cantaloupe with candy picks. 

Bella loved this lunch so much she asked to have her picture taken with it! I included a Lunchbox Love note with a fun fact about eggs on it. The flip side of that card says "Share", which is perfect, because she took a jar filled with a bouquet of eraser-topped pencils to share with her classmates :)

Pickle got bunny & baby bunny peanut butter sandwiches. I'm not very good at making faces on food, so I made the other end instead:

To make the bunny bum, I used my CuteZcute animal face cutter, but turned upside down, over a bunny head cutter, with a scalloped circle for the tail. I made the body with an extra layer of bread for a 3-D effect. I made the baby bunny with a bunny head cookie cutter and a little circle.

When I tried to put the lid on Pickle's sandwich box, I found that it had warped in the dishwasher and wouldn't go on easily. It's fixable - I can put it through the next cycle and work the lid back on while it's still warm and let it cool with it on, that usually works - but I couldn't send it to school with him in the meantime, so I popped it in the Bynto instead.

He also had yogurt decorated with bunny & chick shaped sugar sprinkles. I love that there was a Lunchbox Love note with s fun fact abour Hershey's, that's his favourite. For snack I added a muffin decorated with cupcake picks:

Some stuff used for these lunches:


  1. Your laptop lunch is so colorful and inviting! It is so sweet that Bella wanted to be photographed with her lunch. Such a great complement.

  2. Bunny rumps!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 These lunches are too cute :D

  3. Oh Goodness! That little bunny bum is the cutest ever! And Bella's wraps are beautiful!!

  4. Too cute! Love the bunny butt :-)


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