Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Laptop Lunches for my Sweetheart & my Little Man

Colourful, fun Laptop Lunches - one for Bella & one for Beanstalk 

Sweetheart Laptop Lunches bento school lunch

Mia Bella's Laptop Lunches bento box contains:
  • raspberry Trix yogurt with a frozen yogurt heart. I froze a bunch of yogurt in silicone cups to make mini edible ice packs. The heart will melt by lunch but it will help keep the whole yogurt cup cold
  • ham & swiss tortilla rollups, carrots, & grape tomatoes
  • Galia melon hearts (sweet like a cantaloupe, but white) 
  • salad with cucumber hearts & tiny cheddar hearts & flowers
  • a little roll of Smarties Love Hearts from Valentine's Day
  • & a Lunchbox Love note

Laptop Lunches bento school lunch

Beanstalk's Laptop Lunches bento box contains:
  • Veggie Stix, & almonds in the smaller container 
  • raspberry Trix yogurt in the lidded container
  • Granny Smith apple wedges
  • half a peanut butter sandwich
  • ice pillows, in the utensil compartment, to help keep the yogurt cold, and the apples too - I swapped the  positions of the sandwich and the apple containers after the photo
  • moustache print Red Poppy cloth napkin
  • & a Lunchbox Love note. Today is report card day!

You can help Laptop Lunches Feed America!

All this month Laptop Lunches is working to raise money for Feeding America, a non-profit organization that provides meals for the hungry. For every product review created on their website during the month of April, Laptop Lunches will donate $1 to Feeding America! If you own any LaptopLunches products why not visit the website and leave a review on your favourites!

Bento Lunch

Some stuff used to make these lunches:


  1. These lunches make me very happy, especially Mia Bellas!

  2. What did you do with the sandwich? It looks like little round pillows of fluff! Hah... I am curious. :)

    1. I cut one slice of bread into 2 rectangles, spread each with peanut butter and THEN folded in half. That is the folded side up. They do look like pillows!


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