Friday, March 29, 2013

Rockin' the Lunch Box

Recently, Bella woke me up asking if I had any poodle bento picks. "No, why?" "Poodle skirts Mum! You know, from the '50s? To make a lunch to go with the Rock Hop?" I wasn't fully awake yet so I was confused for a moment, then I remembered. Her school was having a 1950s themed "spirit day" followed by a dance, called the Rock Hop. I said I'd see what I could do.

Ooh, I had a record cupcake ring! I quickly sliced some carrots into sticks and put the record ring on one, then sliced some cucumbers and filled a heart cup with dried strawberries and stuck music note picks in them. I decided to spell "Rock Hop" with my alphabet picks and stick them in a sandwich, but when I opened the fridge to get the cheese, I noticed the leftover cheese pizza - perfect, can't get much easier than leftover pizza :) 

Meanwhile, Bella put together her idea of a '50s style outfit. She was very pleased that the bright pink of her EasyLunchboxes' lid matched her skirt :)

It wasn't until I got home from taking the sproutlets to school that I remembered the lunch I'd packed for her the night before (my guest post at Bento for Kidlet) was sitting in the fridge. How had I not seen it when I got out the pizza? *sigh*

Bentos on the Bayou Photobucket BentoForKidlet

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  1. So fun! We had a 50's party for my daughter's 5th birthday, and I remember all the kids asking what a record was! Your lunch is adorable. Thank you for linking to 15 Minute Fridays!

  2. So cute! And Bella is super adorable in her outfit! <3 <3 Thanks for linking up to Meatless Monday :D

  3. What a fun lunch! Love that you dressed up the leftover pizza! Thanks for linking up to Leftovers on Fridays


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