Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fun Fuel! Lightning McQueen & Mater Cars Lunch

I'm back in the race!  I made these lunches while on my brief blogging hiatus, so if you follow me on Facebook you've probably seen them already - but hey, now you can get the detailed description :)

Cars Mater & Lightning McQueen bento School PlanetBox Lunch
I love this Cars themed PlanetBox I made for Beanstalk!  I found NASCAR Ritz at our base commissary - and this is how a theme starts sometimes, with one little thing - and remembered I'd saved a Mater cupcake ring from a birthday party (I stuck half a fruit leather roll through it) and had a Lightning McQueen snack box kicking around somewhere (I filled it with spiced almonds) and a car cookie cutter (for the PB sandwich). On the way home I stopped by the Party Store, thinking if they had NASCAR crackers maybe it was a racing time of year or something and they'd have stuff in that theme, and sweet, they had checkered flag food picks (that I stuck through rolled honey ham). A checkered flag apple was the perfect finishing touch...  Sadly, my big boy took one look and asked "Can I buy lunch and have that after school?" I should have known it was too cute for middle school :(

Cars Mater & Lightning McQueen yubo bento School Lunch

Beanstalk suggested maybe Pickle would like a Cars lunch; I could give the Mater fruit roll-up and Lightning McQueen snack box to his little brother. Pickle doesn't eat nuts so I swapped those out for some gummy fruit snacks, added some sugar sprinkles and chocoladehagel to his yogurts (one for lunch, one for snack) and a couple of peanut butter sandwich cars,  in his yubo lunchbox. And he did like it, of course he did, he loved it!

Some stuff used to make these lunches:


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