Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lunch On A Stick : Linky Party!

Today is Something On A Stick Day!

Pickle almost always takes a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. It's the only kind of sandwich he likes. I usually cut it in fun shapes with a Lunch Punch or cookie cutters, but today, he's getting it on a stick!

I just got a whole bunch of these long skewers from BentoUSA, and I used my FunBites cutter to make the bite sized squares. His lunch on a stick is packed in a yubo lunchbox with a sprinkle-topped yogurt and a couple of Oreo cookies topped with a Trader Joe's yogurt covered cookie star.

The sproutlets' school is even getting in on the fun - the hot lunch today is pizza on a stick!  So that's what the others are having :) I had mixed emotions when I saw that on the menu - I'm glad they are doing something fun, but also slightly bummed that I won't be making lunch on a stick for ALL the sproutlets - if you follow the blog you know I love to put food on a stick :) Ah well, there's always tomorrow - any day is a good day for something on a stick!

Stuff used for today's lunch:

Happy Something On A Stick Day :)

* You don't need to have a blog to link your Something On A Stick! You can link photos hosted on Facebook or Flickr  too, as long as you have the Privacy settings to Public :)


  1. Super cute! I love the star skewers! They are perfect!!

  2. Super cute! Love those picks!

  3. Food on sticks are the best! Love your PB sammies, and thanks for the linkup!


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