Monday, March 4, 2013

Lunchbox Love & Learn :)

We love our Lunchbox Love note cards; they're an easy way to add some extra love to the sproutlets' lunches. And a little learning fun too! All the notes have a sentiment side, but on the flip side, some have jokes, and some have tidbits of trivia. We especially love the ones with animal facts

I made my girls bentos to match the themes of their Lunchbox Love :)

Bella's panda bento was inspired by the lunch Jenn of Bento for Kidlet packed for her Kidlet today - I just love the colourful pasta she made! We had some leftover marinara sauce so I put that in a Thermos and cooked up some leafy veggie pasta for Bella to pour it over. She also has cucumbers, almonds (in the Mini Dipper), apples with a teeny bottle of cinnamon & sugar to sprinkle, and cherry & sunburst tomatoes. 

Sprout has a starfish bento with cheddar cheese stars, little starfish peanut butter sandwiches, starfish cheese crackers, & apple wedges.

Birdie's turtle bento has "turtle egg" peanut butter sandwiches, apple bites, yogurt with sea turtle sugar sprinkles, and a cup of plums bites & red grapes.
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Today's lunches are linked to Bento for Kidlet's Meatless Monday

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Want to add some Lunchbox Love to your little one's lunch? Visit the Lunchbox Love from Say Please website! There's often a special savings coupon code on the home page, or you can use my code, BENTON, to save 15% :)

Lunchbox Love

Some other stuff used for these lunches:



  1. I absolutely love Bella's panda bento! The details and colors are perfect.

  2. Yay! Lovely lunches as always :D And the turtle butt card is one of my favorites hehe. Thanks for linking up to Meatless Monday!

  3. The panda bento is so cute. I can imagine my kiddo calling someone he is upset with a starfish after reading that card. :-)

  4. I also love the idea of the lunchbox love notes, but they don't ship to Europe :-(

    OK, technically they offered to ship 2 x packs of notes to Europe for 26USD, which is the same as not shipping at all.

    So I bought cheap laminator and now I make my own :-) Super easy, and I can make them personal to my kids too.

  5. Anonymous3/05/2013

    Love that pasta and the leave stamps on the cucumber. Looks so pretty!

  6. Beautiful as always! Love the informational daughter would get a kick out of those.


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