Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kindergarten Bento - Letter T

Sprout's kindergarten class is learning about the letter T this week, and I promised her a letter T lunch. I'm sick today though :(  If I hadn't promised, her lunch would have been plain like her siblings' (they all took good food, I just didn't add  any special touches), but I did promise, so this is what she got:

  • Triscuits Thin Crisp crackers - her favourite flavour, parmesan & garlic - and they're Triangle-shaped :)
  • Tan yogurt (she loves peanut butter stirred into her yogurt)
  • Cheddar & mozzarella cheese stick Twists with letter T picks in a Turquoise Triangle-shaped cup
  • Green & red grapes with a grape Tree in a Turquoise cup
  • Strawberries sliced like Triangles, with a Turtle & a Tiger pick
  • To drink, she has iced Tea

This is Sprout's brand new green Yubo! I still need to get her a drink holder - she wants a pink one - but she really really wanted to take her new Yubo so her sweet brother shared his green drink holder - thank you Pickle!


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  1. That's a pretty crafty way to put together a lunch. Simple but very nice. Hope you feel better soon.

    Happy Packing!

  2. Looks awesome! I hope you feel better soon! :)

  3. Super cute! Feel better soon!

  4. I gotta try that peanut butter and yogurt idea, sounds great! So sorry you're not feeling well, but you pulled through and made a super cute lunch for Sprout! I'm sure she loved it!

  5. This is terrific! I love all "t" foods you have in your lunch! The tree is so cute.

  6. I love the PB in yogurt idea!!! This si such a thoughtful lunch!!! and you've made me really want a Yubo!!

  7. So very cute. I hope you feel better soon.


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