Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Snoopy Yubo Bento for My Boy

The leaves are turning! Fall is here :) It's my favourite time of year!

One of the new cloth napkins I bought for the sproutlets' lunchboxes (from The Red Poppy) is an autumn theme Peanuts print. I love Peanuts. Pickle does too - though I'm not sure he's read any of the comics... but he's seen plenty of the holiday specials, and he loves his Vince Guaraldi Trio CD, Charlie Brown's Holiday Hits. So I knew he'd like a Snoopy lunch :)

Pickle's Snoopy lunch is a dog in the doghouse peanut butter sandwich made with a Lunch Punch Critter Cutter, a bonus PB sandwich bone, Snoopy gummy fruit snacks, & yogurt topped with little yellow bird cupcake sprinkles (ok maybe they are chicks but let's pretend) for Woodstock and his bird friends! And of course, the Peanuts napkin and his new red spork are also packed in his Yubo lunchbox.

Happy Fall y'all!


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