Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet & Sporty School Lunches

We were in Canada for the weekend, visiting the family and meeting my new baby niece who was born Friday. I've mentioned before that whenever we go to Canada, or the Canadian family comes to visit us, we get Timbits - donut holes from Tim Horton's. So today's lunches include those for a treat :)

Sweet EasyLunchboxes cupcake bento lunch

Bella has a cupcake peanut butter sandwich topped with a gummy flower, Fig Newtons, Timbits, grapes spelling "sweet", & half a tangelo. (Beanstalk got the other half. No pic of his lunch though, I hadn't had my coffee yet and my brain was still half-asleep, so I forgot.) The orange things in with the tangelo are reusable ice cubes shaped like orange slices. Bella doesn't like her sandwich to be cold so if I don't need to chill the whole lunch, I don't.

Sport sandwich Yubo lunch

Pickle has a sporty lunch in his Yubo lunchbox, inspired by the ball-shaped Timbits. A soccer ball & mini "sport" peanut butter sandwiches, Chobani Champions yogurt,  the donut holes, & a couple of soccer ball chocolates, with a green spork & a green cloth napkin (under his sandwich box).

Happy Monday everyone! 

Stuff used to make & pack lunch:


  1. Where did you get the soccer ball cutter?? I love that! And the "s-p-o-r-t" impressions?

  2. The soccer ball was made with a soccer ball cookie cutter

    I stamped the letters on the little sandwiches with alphabet cookie cutters

  3. Anonymous9/10/2012

    I was so inspired by your creations! My little got to take her very first bento box lunch to school today. Thanks for your postings.

  4. Love them!! We have a Tim Hortons within walking distance of our house :P very dangerous!

  5. Very cute Cristi!

  6. Anonymous9/11/2012

    Do you like your Yubo lunchbox and where did you get your reusable ice cubes?

    Thank you!


  7. Hi I recently started doing lunch boxes for my son. But thank you. You have being a great help. I mention you on my blog today so id you can just stop by and check it out, thanks


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