Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Johnny Appleseed Day Bento

Today, some say, is Johnny Appleseed Day.  Beanstalk wanted to buy lunch at school, Pickle wanted a peanut butter pizza sandwich (it's not what you think) and Sprout & Birdie are both home today (I'll make them apple-themed muffin tin meals later), but Bella said "yes, please" to an apple bento :)

Bella's apple-icious Laptop Lunches bento box contains:
  • Gala apple wedges with a caramel dip
  • Fig Newtons skewered with an apple cupcake pick
  • A few pieces of caramel apple candy corn
  • Apple shaped peanut butter sandwiches - the tiny ones were made with the apple shape from a Fall themed mini cookie cutter set that was a gift from Kat of Obento Momma - so cute and they used up all the bread :)
  • A few fruit snacks in a little apple cup 
  • Cucumber spears topped with one apple shaped cucumber slice
  • For snack, an Enjoy Life Caramel Apple bar
Here's everything all packed. Her cute owl print cloth napkin from The Red Poppy cushions her sandwiches and keeps the fruit snacks from falling out. And a LunchBox Love note reminds her of how proud I am of her :)

Click the apple for more bento goodness:
After you read the rest of my post, of course :)

Here's Pickle's peanut butter pizza sandwich :)

Told you it wasn't what you were thinking!

And for my Sailor Boy, leftover ginger teriyaki chicken, bacon horseradish deviled eggs nestled in a garden salad, a satsuma orange, and a Gouda Babybel cheese with a heart shape cut from the wax and stuck on top of the orange, packed in his personal favourite container, EasyLunchboxes.

 I remembered the dressing this time! He got Mandarin Orange Sesame packed in an EasyLunchboxes Mini-Dipper. And a Light My Fire spork :)

Bento Lunch

Stuff used for these lunches:


  1. Love your lunches to celebrate Johnny Appleseed day! I also love the peanut butter pizza -- it was def not what I was thinking hehe :)

  2. LOVE all the apple ideas!

  3. Love them all! very cute!

  4. Love this themed lunch! I myself am looking forward to October and all the themed lunches I have planned! This month was my first time packing my daughter's lunch so I spent this time getting into the swing of making the time and putting together healthy and kid-friendly meals!

    Love your blog.

    Happy Packing!

  5. Love! And actually the peanut butter pizza is exactly what I was thinking! hehe :D

  6. Wow, your kids are much more adventurous eaters than I was as a kid. I would not have touched anything involving horseradish with a ten foot pole! Heck, I still would not! Your lunches are lovely and appetizing, keep up the good work. The apples and PB sandwich one makes me hungry just looking.

    1. Oh no, that one was for my hubby! The only sproutlet who's tried my spicy deviled eggs is Bella, she'll usually taste anything before making a decision - and she said no thank you after one bite :)

  7. Super cute!! I love the pb pizza!

  8. What a wonderful set of lunches! All with lovely touches of love notes and cute napkins; Superb work Cristi!

  9. What a wonderful lunch! The picks really added wonderful details.

  10. Where did you get the little dip container pictured in the Johnny Appleseed picture - green/white striped. Really need some. Thanks


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