Monday, September 17, 2012

Powerpuff Girls Bentos!

Sugar & spice & everything nice... 
That's what these Powerpuff Girls bento lunches are made of! 

Sprout & Birdie adore the Powerpuff Girls. Birdie's favourite is Bubbles "because she has ponytails" and Sprout likes Blossom "because she's a genius and she wears pink".

Bubbles is in the blue cup with some green grapes and a baby carrot, Buttercup's in the green cup with apple wedges, and Blossom's pink heart-shaped cup holds organic strawberry hearts (I splurged, they looked nicer ... and yum, they have so much flavour!)

I wasn't about to colour the yogurt black like Chemical X so I topped it with colourful sprinkles instead; they're the sugar. I turned Powerpuff Girls baking cups inside out so the print shows, and filled them with Annie's Homegrown Cinnamon Bunny Grahams for the spice. And the fruit is everything nice :)

I sometimes feel like I'm cheating a little when I use cupcake picks to make a theme lunch instead of creating it all with the food... but then I remember there's no bento police or panel of judges, the only people I'm trying to impress are my sproutlets,  and they're easy, they already think I'm a superhero ♥ 
Besides, it saves time, and they're cheap and reusable :) 


Tip:  You don't need to buy specialty bento picks & cutters to decorate your lunches. Check out baking supply shops for mini cookie cutters, pastry stamps, & cupcake picks. They often have popular characters and seasonal themes not even available as bento picks. Sometimes you can find matching paper baking cups too!


  1. Forget coffee!!! The fabulously bright colors in this one just woke me up!! So pretty. Love it!!

  2. That is adorable! My daughter LOVES Powerpuff girls. Where did you find the picks and cupcake liners?

  3. So very true and very cute! I found cute cupcake picks at my local cake supply store and actually just found the rocket cookie cutter there too.

  4. I love it :D Picks are the best for making cute lunches without constantly killing yourself carving funny things!

  5. super cute! :D love it!


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