Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pretty PlanetBox & Spidey LunchBot

My bigger sproutlets love our stainless steel containers - I think they feel really grown-up having metal lunchboxes :) Metal lunchboxes are cool!

Pretty PlanetBox bento school lunch

Bella has a pretty PlanetBox Launch, packed with apple wedges & a dip cup of caramel, a TimBit donut hole with a daisy pick, an EasyLunchboxes Mini Dipper full of Craisins, celery & carrots surrounding a flower muffin cup full of grapes, and a flower-shaped peanut butter sandwich. Tucked under the sandwich is a colorful owl print cloth napkin from The Red Poppy on Etsy.

Spider-man theme LunchBots bento school lunch

Beanstalk has a Spider-man LunchBots Quad, packed with gummy fruit snacks, beef jerky, red grapes, and Spider-Man graham crackers. I stuck a spider cupcake ring in with his grapes expecting him to say it was too cute for middle school, but he said it could stay :) His cloth napkin, also from The Red Poppy, has a Marvel hero print. He has blueberry pomegranate juice to drink in the bottle in the background.

Containers used to pack these lunches:


  1. yum, now i want some beef jerky! :)
    great lunches!

  2. Beef jerky and grapes! YUM! And those are the biggest most beautiful grapes I have ever seen!

  3. Nice "Girl" lunch. ... and WHERE do you get the spiderman crackers.

    1. Base commissary (grocery). Check yours and LMK if you don't find them, I can send you some :)

  4. Spiderman crackers!!!!!!!!! Love those! :D Lunches are awesome!!


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