Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day!

I'd never heard of Groundhog Day until I saw the Bill Murray comedy with my husband, after it came out on video. Even after that I didn't realize it was a real day! Though I now know all about the holiday-of-sorts, it's still the movie and not the weather predicting rodent that comes to mind when I hear it mentioned ... and then of course I hear the song that played every morning on the radio :)

My Punxsutawney Phil cheese sandwich predicts Spring is on the way! Above my groundhog I have some carrot sticks & a Clementine orange (sprouting Spring flowers) The main course of my lunch is chili, decorated with white cheddar words from the song that the main character of the movie Groundhog Day woke up to every morning, over and over and over... :)

Used in this lunch:


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Now I'm a bit irked with myself for doing squat.

  2. He's so cute! Of course that song is now in my head...again...we watched it earlier this week too :) Thanks for the linky and lining up!

  3. Very cute!! We're having chili tomorrow, but it won't look so adorable!

  4. Anonymous2/03/2013

    Love it, so cute!

  5. Awwww!!! What an adorable Groundhog :D <3

  6. I love how you made him out of hearts! Awwww!


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