Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Angry Birds

I've done Super Mario & Pac-Man, so I figured I might as well carry on with the video game theme :) Today the boys have Angry Birds for lunch.:

Beanstalk has Angry Birds Cheese Nips, Pig King & Red Bird peanut butter sandwiches. a checkered apple, pistachios, & spiced almonds in a yellow bird silicone cup, packed in a LunchBots Quad. To keep the almonds from spilling out & mixing with the pistachios I packed his cloth napkin over top:

Pickle has a heart sandwich and a couple of red bird mini sandwiches. I used Angry Birds cookie stamps as sandwich cutters:

It's breakfast for lunch day at school; Bella & Sprout opted for the cinnamon swirl French toast with sausage & fruit  :)

Some stuff used to make these lunches:

1 comment:

  1. CUTE!!! I think I want those stamp molds now ...


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